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Roulette – Queen of the Casino

     The roulette wheel was developed by the French mathematician, physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal in the XVII century in order to invent a perpetual motion machine. Game based on the wheel was first time mentioned by writer Jacques Lablee, who saw it at the Royal court at the end of the XVIII century. In the XIX century the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc added to existing 36 numbers on the roulette wheel a number zero "0" - the game is still known as French (European) roulette. Roulette was brought to America by the French emigrants and the real boom game experienced in the second half of the XX century, when it became accessible to all social classes. Americans have added a double zero " 00 " to the game in order to increase Casino's income - American roulette.

      A new, fantastic Roulette 73™ represents the renaissance of the game based on wheel. The revised and improved layout of numbers and their sequences, more betting options, the higher payout, a better chance to win... all this advantages ranks Roulette 73™ at the top of popularity among games according to players.

      Roulette 73 includes numbers from 1 to 72, which are black or red and 0 is green. It is a new interesting game, upgrading the existing roulette bringing it to a higher level. 

      The cylinder used is suitable for live games, as well as for mechanical roulette. A version of the classic cylinder has optimized and perfectly elaborated number sectors - game combinations. It offers the players a greater variety of betting options and a better user experience. 

     Roulette 73 has a lower probability of winning for the organizer of the game, but increases the turnover, which represents a higher return for the casino. This new roulette game will attract players back to the live games.

Dear Sir or Madam,


   We at Roulette73 in collaboration with Cammegh are proud to present you with our new game Roulette73.


  A fresh new magnificent casino game that has kept the glamour of its ancestor’s game, but at the same time brings new betting options and a chance of higher  winnings. A complete makeover of the old Casino Queen.


   More information about the game can be found on the Roulette73  website.


   Would you like to bring your business to a higher level? 

  Would you like to attract new players to live-casino games and amaze the faithful ones? 

  Would you like to gain more success and play an important role in the gaming industry?


   We can help you to achieve this, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Recent News
Casino review international - March 2017

Roulette73: A game for the players

      Rulette73 showcased its innovative wheel at ICE to an extremely receptive audience of both casino dealers and players.

      Freddy Kurilic, head of sales at Roulette73, explained why the company’s agship product garnered so much attention. “There were several occasions where players and dealers of dierent casinos gathered at our booth to try Roulette73 and they really liked it,” he said. “When our wheel was designed we asked for their input, so the game is really made with players in mind.”

  Kurilic also spoke the many casino managers at the event, networking with contacts across Europe, particularly in the UK and Spain.

       “We made a few very valuable contacts with managers that are interested in Roulette73 and we are speaking with them about placing Roulette73 into their casinos,” he continued. “Most of this interest is coming from the UK and Spain. The UK is interesting because people prefer live games, which surprised me. It really was a joy seeing UK players trying Roulette73 at our booth, and seeing how bonded they are to live gaming. It is a totally dierent feeling - touching chips and placing the bet, rather than tapping buttons or a touch screen.”

      Kurilic added that the African market also has potential, but other jurisdictions are much harder to break into.


         “We have some African casinos interested in our product, and we are oering considerably better conditions for casinos who would be the rst to install Roulette73 in their respective country,” Kurilic stated. “There are some countries, however, where placing Roulette 73 is virtually impossible. One such country is Serbia, where slot machine lobbyists are too strong and the law is such that opening live games is very dicult.”

         While there are always markets with high barriers, Kurilic is in talks with casino managers in several more welcoming jurisdictions. Indeed, he expects growth in the UK throughout 2017, and installations have already been scheduled for the year ahead in Slovenia.